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A food show about 2 Comedic Food Critics that enjoy food and fun. They travel around New York City to uncover a food lover’s hidden dream of specialty dishes while sharing their zany critiques. From Asian, French, Southern and American Cuisines to Bakeries or even Street Festivals, this over the top pair explores the city in the hopes of discovering a foodie’s dream of edible bliss, while entertaining viewers at home on their humorous food adventure. Gluttony may be a sin, but being greedy is a sport for food connoisseurs. These 2 may not have a degree in food & hospitality, but they have a PHD in being greedy. So, if you love good food and a good laugh, let these 2 comedic food critics humor you into a greedy good time! So it’s time to bring out the inner kid in you and “Let’s Get Greedy!”

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nicky sunshine - wendy williams show

Wendy Williams Street Talk“.





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